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Android users will want to ensure their device is protected from hacks, malware and other threats that can compromise your privacy and security. Most Android devices have built-in malware protection, however these apps are usually not enough to safeguard your smartphone or tablets. An excellent antivirus for Android can be helpful by offering additional security features like the use of a VPN, password manager and anti-theft tools. Many of these offer a free trial to test them, or cost-effective premium plans with a wide range of features for the best protection.

Malwarebytes is a top choice that goes above and beyond malware scanning. Its mobile app protects users from viruses and phishing websites, and it also has a privacy audit feature which looks for apps that track your movements. It also can tell whether you’re on a phishing site and warn you about dangers of Wi-Fi networks. The app is free, although it does include ads and a monthly or annual premium plan is available.

Another excellent choice is Norton Mobile Security, which provides a range of premium features at an affordable cost. The mobile app can identify malware-ridden apps and lets you block them. Additionally, it scans existing applications for vulnerabilities that could allow hackers to steal your data or run ads. It can also track and secure a lost phone and wipe its contents remotely and detect suspicious Wi-Fi networks.