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Meetings for board members require a thorough preparation to ensure that everyone understands the topics they’ll be discussing and the actions that will be taken. These tips will help you to design a format for your meetings that is consistent and maximizes results each time your board is meeting.

In the lead-up to the meeting, it’s crucial to review the minutes of the previous board meeting. Request each director to submit any material or reports that need to be included on the agenda. The chairperson’s preferences should be considered for the presentation and arrangement in the board books. Some prefer a higher level of detail and others favor an easier „dashboard“ approach.

Prioritizing just one or two important agenda items for every meeting is a good guideline to avoid filling meetings with lengthy reports and other topics that are routine. Also, avoid scheduling more than 30 minutes for each agenda item to allow each topic enough time.

It’s also recommended to invite board members from outside to board meetings so that they can bring fresh perspectives and ideas. It may cost more to include members who are not affiliated with the board, but the benefits and perspectives they provide are often worth it.

Last but not least, take note of the major decisions taken during the meeting. This will enable everyone in the directors to see them and decide if they agree or disagree. It’s an excellent idea to assign department heads to each decision so that they can relay what they learned from the meeting back to their teams.

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