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Board portal software is a software and tool set that facilitates administrative work in relation to the coordination and planning board meetings. It helps ensure directors have quick and easy access to meeting-related documents as well as other information without the hassle of distributing and redistributing papers. It also helps organisations save on costs for materials and reduce the number of meetings. It is important to remember that not all board management software are created equal and that the best solution for your organisation will vary according to your specific needs and goals. It is crucial to look at the capabilities and features offered by various products before selecting one that offers the most cost-effective, efficient and practical board management software.

Apart from making the process of meeting preparation and documentation easier boards portals offer numerous other useful advantages to companies. They include decision recording, analytics and visualization of data, which helps track the results of decisions taken during meetings and improve governance practices. They allow you to find information relevant to meeting dates or agenda items making meetings more productive.

A majority of boards‘ portals are designed with convenience in mind. Users are able to log on to their accounts from any location and from any device (including laptops, tablets and smartphones). This is especially beneficial for directors who are extremely busy, as they often travel on business or attend board meetings outside of their offices.