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A high-speed internet connection and a functioning router are the underlying elements of any reliable Wi-Fi network. Many factors can affect a solid connection. These include dead spots in the home, signal interference and even the. There are a variety of ways to improve your connection including using special hardware or altering your Wi-Fi settings.

A Wi-Fi booster can be a fantastic solution to eliminate weak wireless signals whether you’re experiencing issues streaming video online, or just want a more reliable signal throughout your home. Boosters, repeaters and extenders are designed to boost the wireless signal and spread it out to areas that your current signal can’t reach.

Different WiFi boosters offer different features but they all work the same way: They plug into the power source and connect to your wireless router via wireless connection. Some come in wall-plug designs while others are a little more stylish and can be placed on a desk or table. Some WiFi extenders have powerful amplifiers and stronger antennas to improve coverage across multiple floors and even the corners of your home or even your backyard.

Consider a simple WiFi extender like this one from Netgear, when you’re click to find out more ready. These extenders are an excellent choice because they’re simple to set up and require only an cables for ethernet. They also have a convenient WPS button that makes connecting to your router incredibly quick. Put the extender in middle of your router, and in the area that you want to boost so that it can receive and transmit as strong an image as is possible.