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In the current era business owners are constantly at risk of cyber-attacks designed to steal confidential data or cause the business to fail. To minimize the risks and to ensure that your business is protected you require a dedicated business antivirus program. These programs go beyond personal antivirus software in that they safeguard multiple devices and endpoints within a network, rather than only one device. They also offer additional features and tools that the standard consumer-grade antivirus programs lack. They may include powerful ransomware protection cloud-based management, as well as security for endpoints.

When you’re looking for the top antivirus for business, pick an option that comes with an administrator interface that is robust. This lets you manage all your devices that are protected in one location. You won’t have to rely on your employees to update their device’s settings, particularly if they are working remotely and using unsecure Wi-Fi networks or networks that aren’t under your control. A reliable business antivirus will also come with the capability of a virtual private network (VPN) that allows employees to safely connect to the company’s network, even if they’re offsite.

Bitdefender is a highly rated business antivirus that offers both standalone plans and packages for all sizes of businesses. It’s a trusted brand that has excellent results in independent tests, and it has a wide array of features, including a sophisticated ransomware detection tool that can detect new malware strains trying to encrypt files. Another option is McAfee Small Business Security, that includes firewall and antivirus protection in one package for small-scale businesses. It’s easy to install and use, but some users have complained that the software can slow down systems.