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A good online document management system can improve productivity in your business. It can help you save time by decreasing the amount of time required to locate documents, and make sharing files a lot easier than email. This can lead to greater productivity and efficiency and lower stress levels within the staff.

The right software can help streamline the creation of documents, and offer a secure repository for important records and documents. This can be a significant benefit for companies that have to follow the standards and regulations of their industry. It is estimated that document issues cause 21% of productivity loss per day, so it is crucial to select the best digital tools to help you manage your documents effectively.

Many of the online platforms for document management offer more features than just sharing and storing documents. Some are able to automate business processes, aid in collaboration with teams and clients, as well as provide the ability to review and approve draft documents. This is especially useful for companies working with various stakeholders from different locations.

Filestage for instance, offers a cloud based document management platform that is simple to install and use. It allows collaboration with customers and colleagues, provides workflows for reviewing and approving documents and includes a versioning system built-in.

The ideal software solution should provide flexible access for authorized users, whether they are at the office, working from home or on the go. The software should also include a mobile application and an interface for users on the web, so that users can upload files and work with them wherever they are.