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A virtual data room for business is a secure and well-organized method of sharing confidential documents with third-party parties, most often during due diligence or M&A. Other common uses include raising funds, partnering and asset sales. Virtual data rooms are easy to navigate and allow for efficient collaboration.

When choosing a VDR for your company it is important to think about your current and future requirements. The right solution can help you save time and money, and improve the efficiency of your team. The most efficient VDRs are those that adapt to your unique workflows. Unfortunately, most off-the-shelf solutions do not offer this kind of customisation. Fortunately, iDeals‘ Venue platform does.

Venue is not just easy to use but also cost-effective. Virtual data rooms are hosted in the cloud, which reduces the operational expenses. In contrast to a physical data room, which requires companies to pay for rent security, staff, or rent, virtual data room is hosted on the cloud. Additionally, the platform is accessible all over the world and allows users to access information when it’s convenient for them.

iDeals offers a great customer service team who can answer any questions. In addition, they provide the opportunity to try their service for free so you can see if the VDR is the right match for your business. The system is an excellent choice for any company because of its easy-to-use interface. I highly recommend it! Erez K., CFO, Fetcherr Ltd.