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Many websites track your online behavior and use this information to create a profile on you, even when you’re simply browsing. But you don’t have the obligation to let companies spy on you by using avast’s antitrack premium, which will help you to hide your digital fingerprint as well as block cookies that track you.

Avast’s anti-tracking system employs glasses to detect and block trackers. It can identify the fingerprint of your computer depending on its hardware (screen resolution, ram, and cpu), software (OS browsers, browsers and plugins) and other elements like your time zone. Based on this information, it can identify and block tracking cookies of specific websites. It also allows you to encrypt DNS between your Avast protected device and the website you’re on. This helps prevent hackers from taking login information and redirecting you to a fake website.

In addition to preventing tracking, the program can also clean your data off your devices regularly. It is also able to detect and block adware, malware, and ransomware. It also detects weaknesses in software, including unsafe passwords and settings, suspicious add-ons and outdated applications. It can also forward suspect files automatically to the cloud for analysis. This triggers the cure for all Avast users whenever it detects a threat.

Avast offers a free antivirus with a 30-day money-back promise however, its paid versions are more extensive. The plans for business users include, for instance greater flexibility and can be used on up to 99 devices. The subscription plan for home users includes an VPN and other security features for a reasonable cost.