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Board management software (also known as a board portal) is an electronic program that facilitates collaboration and communication between committees and boards and committees, thereby reducing the time spent in meetings. It allows board members to examine and exchange documents in a secure online environment and engage with one another prior to meetings, during and after. It also includes an array of tools to facilitate the creation of agendas, surveys and voting that allow everyone to be involved and take decisions together.

Using board management tools like the ones provided by Aprio can help boards cut down on the time they spend on board meeting preparation. It is possible to design an agenda and update it in minutes with the right features. These tools offer multiple layers of security as well as strict security, allowing administrators to control the access rights.

Meetings can be cut down by making it easy to access documents ahead of time, scheduling meetings ahead of time using agenda templates and adding new items at the click on a button, timing the time for discussion on agenda items, and providing a brief break between each session. Board management tools include a notepad for the board, where directors can express their views on specific issues at any time during or after the meeting. This Go Here allows them to take an active part in the discussion.

Board management tools also facilitate sharing of crucial reports like the chief executive’s report, financial reports and committee reports. This eliminates the need for conserving the paper copies of these reports and saves printing costs as well as using paper-free documents helps conserve the resources of the earth.